Tailored Creative Ideas Helped HYPPE Sitcom Got Millions of Views on Tiktok

Budget: $51,600
Sales Lead Grow: 622%
All videos total views:9,325,381
Total potential reach audiences:38,759,600
Total LIKES: 981,938
HYPPE Index Grow102%

HYPPE Project Summary

In less than 2 months, Max Air 5000 got #trending topic on Tiktok and Instagram, Google trends shown that index #MaxAir5000 surged to 100 and much better than its competitors. Bulk orders from top tier ecigarette wholesalers increased up to 1218% and scheduled to May, 2023.

With $51,600 marketing budget, HYPPE reached nearly 40 million of potential audiences, and 10 million of views. "This is the greatest campaign we had made in 2022, an unprecedented success of HYPPE." Said the CEO, Mrs Yan.

There are 40 influencers posted HYPPE sponsored videos, about 85% coming from Tiktok, 13% from Youtube and few Instagram influencers.

ONE RED BAY's AI selected potential KOL list in first round, and marketing specialists filtered them in second before HYPPE marketing team's confirmation. ONE RED BAY chose the most competitive ones by video histories, subscribers' interest, and views.

HYPPE's Goal

HYPPE planned to launch a brand new product, HYPPE Max Air 5000 in United States. It needs to improve brand exposure in a very short time to stimulate the wholesalers placing bulk orders, however, Max Air 5000 faces cutthroat competition on circumstance that the market is predominated by Geek Bar. How to find a way out of a stalemate?

One key is interesting content. Discuss with your team or learn from your competitors when your imagination is tapped.

How To Come Up With a Creative Idea?

There are some of the paths we follow to find inspiration for video ideas: Coming up with YouTube video ideas is about solving problems and dealing with pain points. We make sure videos can help influencers' audience learn how to do something better, or solve an issue they might be experiencing.

Trending topic search is one of the best ways to find what people are looking for. We used Poll or survey in communities or group to help us narrow it down. We provided 3 different proposals to each influencers.

For instance, unboxing video could be one or combination of these 20 ideas. First view one-shot video will not a good try for sponsored video.

Viral Video Analysis

There are many videos with great quality and favored by social media users. Isramy presents the video with the POV shot, it's a popular method in Tiktok sitcom, which gives audiences a view from a character's perspective by positioning the camera right where the character's eyes would be.

In this video, viewer "is" the son of the main character.

The sitcom well connected to daily life makes itself the best ever sponsored ecigarette video, Especially that HYPPE green lanyard and the logo, impressed viewers much.

HYPPE Max Air 5000 characterizes 3 highlights, green lanyard, bended tips, and LED on its body. We did research on history of Isramy's videos, and referred to Tiktok trending topics, offering 3 plans to Isramy, and revised 5 times after 7 discussions.

In the video we supposed a conflict between husband and his father-in-law, and a happy ending with the help of HYPPE. For sure, HYPPE's features will be highlighted in an implicit way.

Views Tracking Isramy's Video

The video acquired over 2 million views, 340 thousand likes, and 1300 comments, is the best one in Tiktok history.

Big shots are good choices to improve brand awareness especially on Tiktok. Users coming from english speaking countries take most majority. in the 4th phase, as brand influence continues to develop, more and more new traffic from non-English areas grow.

Social media trending index implies that a swift increase of #HYPPE topics in the end of November. The data may vary from Google, it’s a great exposure of HYPPE brand awareness.

Daily views surged from the 5th day, double skyrocketed due to video shared among fans, and we knew that it reached highest point at 2 weeks later, then slowly went down.

All Videos Got Far More Than Expected Views

Some influencers got 90 times positive outcome than average. Isramy, DJPrecise, and itsletty2.0 rank top 3 influencers in this project, totally reach over 4 million views.

Instagram shows less impact than Youtube and Tiktok, and TikTok shows bigger instant power impact on trending topics, while YouTube implies prolonged potency, suitable for growing sales. Data indicates that Instagram reel will be not a priority choice in the future (except for fashion industry).

The outstanding performance is a strong proof that inspirational and interesting video is the crucial for everything.

Linda(itsletty2.0) video got over 500,000 views and 60,000 likes. She has strong connection with night club, sports car, off-road trip, beer, etc. Which means her subscribers easily become HYPPE new users. Her tiktok video presents a freshing smell in a creative form, that’s the prerequisite for going viral.