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ONE RED BAY represents some of the most successful YouTube channels and Social media Influencers from around the world. With a focus on building core partnerships with brands and agencies, our creators deliver innovative bespoke campaigns that effectively engage the audience, extend your reach, and increase brand awareness.

In 2008, Mr. Quinn, Director of BroadcastOriental at the time, led the core members to assemble the former Ali Hong Kong public relations director Vickie Chow, and Stephen Brook from the advertising group Omnicom to establish ONE RED BAY.

In 2016, the marketing department of ONE RED BAY Inc was spun off and operated independently, and merged with HVS Media to form the ONE RED BAY team, which is dedicated to helping SMEs in cross-border trade grow their employer brands. After years of development, Hemei Media's business sector covers domestic and foreign brand public relations, advertising, Internet marketing integration solutions, corporate growth training, and artist brand globalization.

"It's not wise to violate rules until you know how to establish new ones"

- Quinn Garcia, CEO of ONE RED BAY


"Becoming the marketing department of small and medium-sized brands" is the vision of all partners of ONE RED BAY. We continue to invest in IT research and development, delve into marketing automation, big data marketing, and global integrated marketing.

We continue to summarize methods and cases, and we continue to innovate our systems, unswervingly explore the future of marketing.

All are committed to achieving this goal - to help small and medium-sized brands around the world grow and pass them on for generations. We help clients make the world's Users remember your brand.


"Effective creativity has life, and marketing with performance has meaning."

Our mission is to make the brand business of customers develop healthily. For this reason, we gather the strength of all business units and continuously create driving projects and explorations.

Smarter Marketing Technology. When the client's industry changes, this ensures that we maintain sufficient competitiveness, quickly switch marketing solutions with the client, use creativity, innovation and in-depth research to promote the client's benefits, and let our marketing activities help the brand development and help the client Win every marketing battle.


For each marketing project, we will provide 10-15 pages of data analysis reports, horizontally comparing brands and competing products, and detailing 15 dimensions from playback data, script content, user comment feedback, regional traffic tracking, user portrait analysis, and online celebrity horizontal comparison. Analysis, every action, must grow.

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