Daily Sales Surged 181% With Help Of 8 Influencers

Budget: $5,600
Sales Grow: 181%
KOL quantity:8


Anker is one of the largest overseas consumer electronics brands in China by revenue, and its products cover AIoT, smart home, smart acoustics, smart security and other fields. With product upgrades and increasingly rich categories, brand awareness has gradually deepened.

Anker took the lead in taking an important step in long-term precipitation and refined management of users. It established its own brand official website early and sold the brand official website as a product. one of the channels.

And eufy is a smart home sub-brand under Anker. In 2019, it chose the European market as its starting position and began to explore the new model of D2C (Direct to Customer), selling directly to consumers through the brand's official website.

In the early stage of operation, it also faced the difficulties of how to attract more target audiences through new channels and new strategies, and how to accurately capture and operate consumers through keen insight and behavior analysis.

Youtube influencer Kate Moore's video about Eufy G10 Hybrid 2 in 1 robot Vacuum, brought over 30 orders.

Overall Marketing Strategy

Through the three-step method of upper-level funnel marketing fission, it is subdivided into three stages: accurate traffic acquisition, core user operation, and re-marketing conversion, and deeply explores potential target users in the European market. While continuing to expand brand exposure, it also allows eufy brand official website Gradually complete user sinking and double sales.

Multi-dimensional label test, deep mining of seed crowd

First, analyze the product characteristics of eufy sweeping robot, use big data from different overseas social media for orientation (such as: basic information, record of likes on pages/topics, education level, etc.), combined with third-party data (such as: user’s Purchasing behavior, hobbies, family shopping concepts, and income, etc.), so as to delineate groups of interest points on different social media, and conduct crowd package delivery tests.

Based on the behavior analysis of these users after arriving at the brand's official website, the people who have purchased or added purchases will be used as the seed group. Based on this, through algorithm mining, the group with high similarity portraits in the media database will be expanded to ensure accurate targeting.

Next, expand the coverage of the launch and continuously attract traffic to the official website of the eufy brand.

Accurate insight into users

After diverting these potential traffic to the official website, according to the click-through rate of different groups of people, the time spent on the page after entering the eufy official website, the frequency of clicks/repeated clicks on the product page, whether the purchase is completed, or how far the purchase behavior has been completed, etc.

After a series of conversion performances, further user insights and screening are done, and the core indicators most related to sales are accurately found through data modeling, and more accurate user portraits are generated to match and optimize different marketing strategies. At this stage, focus on evaluating the indicators of additional purchases.

Dig it out what our customer is, what is his favorite? His age? What does he think? We have to know clearly all of it before we make our video script.

Accurate remarketing combined with promotional activities to increase sales conversion rate

Combining with a series of discount promotion activities of the brand in different festival hotspots, such as Black Friday, Christmas, etc., to manage users more vertically and finely.

Cooperate with the brand discount node, do a good job of warming up and planting grass in advance on the marketing side, and continuously promote purchase or repurchase, thus forming a closed marketing loop.

Daily sales grows from the 4th day, and turns double at the ninth day, reaches US$ 6,885. It increases by 181% in 2 weeks.(YoY grows 366%)

All influencers mentioned eufy's campaign, and convinced their followers to learn more about eufy's vacuum robot cleaner.

From the chart we can tell that the strategy was a success, achieved the sales goal.

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