Genshin Technics Videos By Influencers Helped Installation Continue to Skyrocket

Budget: $322,000
APP Installation Grow: 3.8 Million
iOS MAU Grow:1.4 Million
Total potential reach audiences:380 Million
Total Topics: 8.9 Million
Google Index Grow1082%

Genshin Impact Project Summary

Relying on high-quality game screens, sophisticated and ingenious game plots, and excellent original music, the creative points of Genshin’s promotional materials basically come from the game product itself, instead of catering to the current market heat to obtain some short-term traffic, but through differences Optimized creativity screens some precise users, not general users.

Find a professional game KOL to cooperate, the content is mainly game strategy, live broadcast, etc., use the traffic of KOL to attract the attention of other users, so as to convert more core players.

In the very first 3 months, Genshin Impact rapidly increased to 1.9 million with the help of Influencers's video and Twitch livestreaming, its iOS APP installation steady grew to 3.8 million in 15 months naturally.

This game pays great attention to user word-of-mouth communication in the communication channel. By regularly holding in-game activities and setting corresponding incentive prizes, users are encouraged to participate and share. This type of in-game activity will also be broadcast more widely in influencer videos.

Tiktok Video Analysis

This internet celebrity doesn’t have many fans, but his short video of tens of seconds contains detailed game explanation content and explanation subtitles. After this guide video is launched, there is no need to place advertisements on the platform, relying on tags and keywords to get A lot of platform traffic.

We invited users to try it out through influencers, and many users posted a large number of short videos like this on TikTok. They used the unified hashtag #genshin or #genshinimpact, and achieved amazing positive outcome.

This video of just over 30 seconds finally got more than 2 million views, 300,000 likes and thousands of comments.

Youtube Video Analysis

Because the behavior habits of Youtube platform users are different from Tiktok users, the Youtube promotion strategy we helped Genshin formulate is biased towards high-quality in-depth novice guidance videos. Usually the video length is around 15-30 minutes.

Similarly, in the selection of potential co-influencers, we will not only consider influencers with a large number of followers, we will cooperate with as many medium-level influencers as possible, provided that they are willing to make high-quality game videos.

This video is more than 30 minutes, has received hundreds of thousands of views, and more than 500 in-depth interactive comments.

There are many videos with great quality and favored by social media users. Isramy presents the video with the POV shot, it's a popular method in Tiktok sitcom, which gives audiences a view from a character's perspective by positioning the camera right where the character's eyes would be.

In this video, viewer "is" the son of the main character.

The internet celebrity answered every comment carefully and answered all the questions as a gamer.

Through discussion with influencers and Genshin team, we confirmed that the detailed plan for video shooting should include: 1. Instruct novices on how to quickly understand the game world, how to quickly learn various operations, and basic rules. 2. Explain the introductory skills of the game.

This Influencer told the viewers some hidden game skills in the video, description and comment answers, which helped everyone quickly integrate into the joyful world of the game.

Allocate Budget Matching the Grow

We monitor the growth of users in each country, adjust budget allocations for key countries where natural growth has slowed down, invest more celebrity resources, and plan game competitions and activities specific to the country to stimulate growth.

For videos that have already been released, if they cannot achieve good results in a short period of time, we will suggest that influencers or brands invest in Youtube ads or Tiktok ads to gain a wider range of exposure.

If a country's user payment conversion becomes higher, and the growth rate of the number of game activations per day does not slow down, then this is the most ideal effect, and only need to do a good job of data tracking.

The average daily growth of Genshin in each key country. The daily downloads of the top 10 countries have increased by more than 1.8 million, and the total global downloads in the same period have increased by 4 million per day.

Tracking Views about #Genshin on All Social Medias

In addition to APP Annie's game statistical analysis, the growth of the number of topics on each platform and the Google brand index are also very important.

In the first month of promotion, the average daily views reached more than 40,000, and then gradually fell back. In February, we planned a competition to get rare stone rewards, which helped Genshin to reach 25,000 daily views, and reached 25,000 daily views in July. After the low point, we continued to raise the topic of Genshin through activities again.

This is our strategy, we monitor the data situation, and then take action to adjust it at any time to help brands ensure the marketing effect.

Every peak in the chart is the marketing activity we do in different countries and regions. Sometimes we cooperate with Twitch influencers, and sometimes we broadcast live on Youtube. We always take different approaches to ensure that the total amount of data is growing.