Regular Videos by Youtube Influencers Keeps BEDSURE Listed on Bestsellers

Budget: $2,000/Month
Code Use: 1,762
Monthly Visit:3,891
Amazon Bestsellers Ranking:1
CVR: 13.7%

BEDSURE Project Summary

Under the COVID-19 epidemic, overseas home furnishing and gardening have become one of the fastest-growing categories. According to customs statistics, the cumulative export value of my country's home furnishing and its parts in 2021 will be 477.19 billion yuan, an increase of 18.2% year-on-year. Cross-border home furnishing sellers have brought fertile ground for growth.

It is true that in the digital age, driven by data and technology, it has become the consensus of brands to build a consumer-centric global refined operation system. However, as consumer demands become more diversified, there are more and more touchpoints for global management of customers, and the difficulty is also increasing. So, how to improve the consumer operation ability in multi-channel and multi-scenario? How to build the best strategy combination and advertising combination according to the marketing funnel model? How to carry out effective budget allocation? And what is the real consumer conversion path? These are still problems that brands need to solve urgently.

ONE RED BAY has formed an analysis model in various dimensions such as collaborative analysis, crowd analysis, coincidence analysis, frequency analysis, and multi-touch attribution analysis through in-depth mining of BEDSURE brand social data and superimposing its own leading data technology and algorithms. It can help brands better understand users and maximize the effect of short video marketing activities.

Half of the top six best sellers in bed blankets are occupied by BEDSURE for over 24 months. What's the secret?

BEDSURE adopts a competitive strategy of product differentiation, and captures customers with different needs from product positioning differentiation. Different materials and different processing techniques adopt different pricing strategies. Use $15 competitive products to increase market share, and then use $40 products to supplement and consolidate mid-priced customers.


BEDSURE hopes to maintain the continuous and stable growth of product sales on the Amazon platform through celebrity marketing. At the same time, it hopes that the traffic brought in is effective and the bounce rate should not be too high, otherwise it will easily affect the natural ranking of brand-related products on the Amazon platform.

BEDSURE's monthly marketing budget is $2000, so how to effectively allocate this budget is very important.

Weekly Release Help BEDSURE Increase Organic Traffic

Through the budget of $2000, it is allocated to 8-10 small and medium-sized Internet celebrities every month, and users are encouraged to share videos related to their experience on social media, especially TikTok and Youtube, helping BEDSURE continue to gain the attention of social media users .

Every week, 2 celebrities and 5 users share videos, which helps BEDSURE to obtain a steady growth of natural traffic. With the promotion and discount information of Amazon store products, this strategy makes BEDSURE have many products occupying the best-selling list every month. list.

The daily visits of BEDSURE on Amazon gradually increased with the release of videos by influencers. The effective traffic brought by influencers helps the growth of organic rankings, which leads to more traffic and sales.

Influencer Video Analysis

Youtube influencers narrated four aspects in the video, first, brand explanation and packaging dismantling; second, why they chose the BEDSURE brand; third, interacting with users and asking them if they know how to quickly put on a quilt; fourth, close-ups of product details and material analysis.

These four aspects are progressive and in-depth, making the video content detailed, very interesting and full of real technics.

From a statistical point of view, the video length is recommended to be 10 minutes or more, and it needs to cover multiple scenes and different shooting content from multiple angles, so that videos with rich content are easier to obtain better sales conversion results.

The lighting of the video scene, the background of the shooting, and the speed of speaking are also very important. These can lead the user into the state quickly, and you can dominate the emotional direction of the audience. If you can guide the audience's emotions, then you have succeeded. Whether you want to convert orders or other purposes, the audience will follow what you said.

In this video, the Internet celebrity tries to convince the viewer to believe the point of view she expresses through her tone of voice, facial expressions, and gestures and body movements.

Comments Analysis

In addition to the product-related information displayed in the video, how to guide users to leave comments, and how to interact with users, replying to user comments is more important than video content. This is related to whether the video can get the recommended traffic of the platform and whether it can become a popular video.

Take this video as an example. In the video, Internet celebrities guide viewers to leave comments by asking users, "Will you fold the sheets quickly?", "Do you know what is so good about this product? Welcome to leave comments."

Another point is that Internet celebrities express their agreement with some of the more exciting points of view through likes. This can also bring the satisfaction of "recognized" to users.

Internet celebrities responded to every comment seriously and in a timely manner. From the video comments, we can judge that 70% of the users who leave comments are likely to buy the product.

Find the Perfect Budget Allocation Plan

Different from the attribution logic of Last-Touch, the Markov chain model can display complex conversion touchpoints in more dimensions and three-dimensionally.

We use this model to collect data on the conversion paths of social platform users, combined with data science to customize and build The model explores the weight of advertising contacts, adjusts the budget allocation of different types of influencers of the brand to improve the effect of video communication and sales conversion, and finally increases the user conversion rate by 15.9%.

In the case of BENSURE, Youtube influencers account for 85%, and Tiktok influencers account for 15%. This budget allocation plan not only ensures the effect of brand communication, but also ensures that sufficient budget is allocated to Youtube influencers, leaving room for sales conversion with a greater possibility.

In addition, through the analysis of Amazon's internal and external traffic, it is found that the synergistic reach of internal and external traffic has a better conversion effect. Compared with the single Amazon internal traffic coverage, the simultaneous effect of internal and external traffic has increased the conversion rate by 12.5%. In other words, the Markov chain model analyzes user needs and cooperates with Amazon's on-site advertisements to bring better conversion effects to the brand.